​It is our pleasure to welcome you to Virginia Cleaning and Punchout, Inc., a premiere provider in commercial and residential Final Clean services.  We are an energetic and committed group, dedicated to high standards of excellence, dependability, and quality.

Virginia Cleaning and Punchout, Inc. was founded with the goal of helping companies with a full-range of services, including Labor, Final Clean, and Punchout, thus allowing those companies to focus on their core business and making their jobs easier.  Early on, Virginia Cleaning and Punchout, Inc. established the reputation of being a professional and reliable Company that provides superior services to leading companies throughout the Virginia, Maryland and D.C. regions. Based in Sterling, VA, Virginia Cleaning and Punchout, Inc. has decades of experience in meeting the needs of a wide array of commercial and residential companies. 


​Safety Comes First

Safety is a top priority at Virginia Cleaning and Punchout, Inc. We have a well-established safety program that is inherent in all of our construction activities. Before we start each project, Virginia Cleaning and Punchout president and staff meet to fully evaluate the planned job activities and develop the Job Specific Safety Procedures. Job specific safety training is held on a regular basis to ensure everyone is up to date with safety procedures. Our field supervisors have the requisite OSHA certifications and CPR certification to ensure we have competent individuals on site.  you’re informed every step of the way.

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